Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hey there!

Another short post just to keep this blog active-ish. Please enjoy!

Using the formula I developed from analyzing last election's results, I've come up with an electability index of sorts for members of the current Students' Council at the University of Alberta. It's never too early or too late to think about running for an executive position, right?

Most Electable Members of Council:
Petros Kusmu: 0.903
Colten Yamagishi: 0.793
Saadiq Sumar: 0.658
Joshua Le: 0.616
Andy Cheema: 0.586
Brent Kelly: 0.521
Navneet Khinda: 0.478

Least Electable Members of Council:
Wen Yu Liang: 0.137
Leon Milner: 0.189
Cory Hodgson: 0.197
Tim Holt: 0.199

Now for those of you on the "least electable" list, don't despair - the formula depends largely on years spent on Council, and Dustin Chelen famously broke the mold last year.

Happy election planning!

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