Saturday, April 27, 2019

Which London city councilor are you?

Open data can be used for a lot of things, and public meeting minutes of elected representatives are crucial in holding representatives accountable, ensuring they represent their constituents, and promoting honesty and efficiency in our government.

Or they can be used to make Buzzfeed style personality quizzes. That's what I did.

We've now hit a point in the City Council meeting minutes from this council so far where all councillors have disagreed with eachother on interesting votes at least once, which allows us to strongly differentiate between them. By presenting some of these votes, we can narrow down a few key motions that separate all the councillors, and present it in a Classification Chart. Since that's not as fun as a quiz, though, here it is in quiz format.

Share widely, and tell me who you got! (It may take a second to load)


Anonymous said...

Interesting quiz, although, unfortunately, the questions do not have enough detail to adequately allow the user to replicate the decisions that the City Councillors faced. For example, one question says: "The provincial government cancelled the minimum wage increase from $14/hr to $15/hr. Do you support correspondingly cancelling the planned 2019 minimum wage increase for city employees?". This leaves the impression of wide-spread impacts on many city employees and leaves out all of the context that was part of the decision-making process. The decision cost over $500k and impacted >300 first time casual part-time employees and at least 3 councillors suggested that they supported the concept, but with limited resources this was not the way to fight poverty in the City. Proponents of the increase were making it a poverty fighting issue and that context as well as the costs are important to replicate decision-making. So overall a neat survey that no one should use in any serious way for anything of significance.

Anonymous said...

I think the quiz is a good idea, but there are not enough questions. I'm surprised this even made the London Free Press with just a few questions. However... once I saw the Councillor I got, I looked him up in Google News and found that I would agree with some of his other voting decisions... I got Paul Van Meerbergen and I would ALSO agree with his (along with Josh Morgan's) vote on Van Holst's idea to change Council to be full time.

May I suggest the person who created this quiz create a more comprehensive one? And it would be great to do this in the future during the next election, so people can see which candidate's stated policies they connect with!


Anonymous said...

I got Mayor Ed.
I just died a little.

Anonymous said...

I like the ones who did not vote for the casuals to get a buck an hour more, but we’re ok taking their own increase. Hypocrites. That information would be useful

Teresa Halminton said...

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