Thursday, February 28, 2013

What the candidates really think

Now that the SU elections have officially kicked off, candidates are running around campus trying to secure votes. One of the earliest features available to potential voters is the Candidate Bios page on the SU website.

Instead of telling you what I think of the bios just yet, I'd like you to take a look at these pretty word clouds I made of the bios.

The first one is just for the presidential candidates:

(click to zoom in)
And the second one is for all candidates:

(click to zoom in)
So what do the candidates care about? STUDENTS. Wow do they ever. They also seem to like "campus", "university", and "year" a lot.

What do candidates seem to forget about? Voting. On the first cloud you can barely see it between the S and T of 'Students', and on the second one it's hiding on the far right. Seeing as the language used when soliciting votes can apparently significantly effect the outcome, this is maybe a bit of a missed opportunity for our candidates here.

Come back for more election stuff in the near future!


G said...

I find it a bit disturbing that the word vote is so tiny in both those clouds. was it only mentioned once?!

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