Wednesday, January 22, 2014

LRT Station Names are Silly

When City Council added "Fort Edmonton Park" to the South Campus LRT station name, many people were baffled.

The distance between Fort Edmonton Park and South Campus is about three kilometers. This may not seem too extreme, until you consider what else is within 3 km of South Campus station. For instance:

  • Four other LRT stations (Southgate up to University Stations)
  • Snow Valley
  • Half of Hawrelak Park
  • Most of the fun parts of Whyte Ave
  • Arch-rivals Harry Ainlay AND Strathcona High School
  • The Zoo

Everything within 3 km of South Campus

This is obviously ridiculous. The name of an LRT station should be based on what you would reasonably expect is by that LRT station, not something that you could connect to three kilometers away. If we opened the rest of the LRT station names up to standards like this, we'd have this chunk of the city with potential naming rights:

Which is getting right up to 20-25% of the city. Ludicrous.

However, this gave me an idea for some possible LRT station name changes, if we're allowed to be within 3 km of any of them. How would you like to go to the:

  • Century Park/IKEA Station
  • Southgate/Derrick Golf Course Station
  • South Campus/Snow Valley Station
  • McKernan/Belgravia/Hawrelak Park Station
  • Health Sciences/Jubilee/Oliver Village Station
  • University/Valley Zoo Station
  • Grandin/Campus St Jean Station
  • Corona/NAIT Station
  • Bay/Enterprise Square/Lister Residence Station
  • Central/Bonnie Doon Station
  • Churchill/Mill Creek Station
  • Stadium/Grant MacEwan Station
  • Coliseum/Kingsway Mall Station
  • Belvedere/Concordia Station
  • Clareview/Londonderry Mall Station
Any other fun ones I might have missed? Let me know!


Unknown said...

I have always agreed that the name change to the South Campus station was entirely inaccurate and unnecessary, only serving to pointlessly lengthen the name and confuse LRT riders.

It's very entertaining to imagine how other stations might be similarly (ridiculously) named.


YEG guy said...

This is especially hilarious since some of these correspond to other stations that actually exist near those locations (NAIT and MacEwan, for example are both real stops on the Metro Line, which further highlights exactly the absurdity you're pointing out).