NHL Playoffs 2015

Welcome to my 2015 NHL Playoff predictions!

This is the fifth year now that I've put together my playoff spreadsheet, with high hopes that this year will be another good one. So far my success rate has been:
  • 2010: 10/15 series correct
  • 2012: 9/15
  • 2013: 12/15
  • 2014: 12/15
  • Combined: 43/60 series correct
Again, this may not be altogether much better than an informed NHL fan might be able to come up with, but it's certainly better than chance by a long shot. Stay tuned over the next weeks as I update the odds daily!

Series correct so far: 10/15

2015 wasn't the greatest year for the model, but was still pretty good overall. The Chicago Blackhawks were the front-runners from the very beginning, and ended up winning the Cup, which made me feel quite satisfied. My NHL bracket ended up in the 92nd percentile, which is also somewhat of an accomplishment.

So overall now my model has correctly predicted 53/75 NHL playoff series, for a record of 70.7%. This is undeniably better than chance by this point, and I hope it will continue to be at least this good in the future.

See you next year!

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